A Look Into Grease Traps

Most restaurants have large fryers with oil so that they can produce things such as French fries, fried chicken or wings. The fryers hold a lot of grease that must be changed often because of much use. So what do they do with the left over grease that comes from these fryers or settles in grease traps? Pumping companies offer restaurants the service of pumping the oils and greases from grease traps so that the grease does not run into the sewer system and clog it.

Ho a grease trap works

Ho a grease trap works

Grease from grease traps can run off into the sewer system and end up clogging the city sewer system infrastructure. When a grease trap cleaning company pumps and cleans the grease traps, it protects the city’s sewer system and allows waste to flow smoothly.

Grease traps must be cleaned out regularly to avoid the trap from becoming clogged. When traps become clogged, they tend to function poorly. A poorly functioning grease trap can cause back up on the floors and in other parts of the restaurants. Regular cleaning of grease traps can help a restaurant to avoid any backup or problems with the drains. This website has some interesting pictures about grease trap cleaning to give you a better understanding of grease trap pumping.

Grease that sits for a long period of time can become thick and difficult to remove. The grease will gather in areas of a kitchen and cause lower scores from the health department. Old grease left in areas of fryers can also make foods taste rancid. This is the reason, changing the oil in fryers is very important to a restaurant’s reputation. Good tasting food means the oil is clean and the grease traps are as well. Grease that is overflowing from cookers usually ends up on floors and in traps. These traps, if free from old grease, will collect the overflow oil so that the floors are cleaner and there is less buildup of old grease in a trap.

Maintaining a grease trap means that the restaurant uses a cleaning machine to remove old grease. Cleaning companies know what to use to steam or wash out the grease traps. Health departments will always check the grease traps for old grease reserves when they are inspecting for a food grade. Regular cleaning will insure that the grease traps are clean, the environment stays clean, and the sewage does not collect old grease from the restaurant. Contact a cleaning and pumping company regularly to clean out your grease traps.